In solidarity with the people of Peshawar

For the children who lost their lives - may they rest in peace.
For the children who survived - may they heal from their physical injuries and emotional trauma. 
And for all the parents - those struggling with their loss and those struggling to help their surviving children heal.

Reiki Workshop in New Delhi

... and a wonderful group of 6 new practitioners.

Terataii presents Joyful Meditation videos

To help you stay connected to the energy of the meditations you practice at the Terataii Centre, I am pleased to announce a series of short, effective meditation videos on youtube to guide you in your continuing practice at home (or during your travels).

The first of the videos - on Mindful Breathing - is already posted. I will add to this blog shortly. Other videos will follow soon.

With love and light,


Reiki Level 1 Workshop, Nov 4 & 5 (mornings)

Venue: The Terataii Centre, Singapore

Attunements and Teachings to enable you to do hands-on Reiki for yourself and others. 

Improve your physical health, promote your emotional well-being, kick-start your spiritual growth. Raise the immunity of your children. Help your plants to flourish. Help yourself, your family, your friends, your pets...

This workshop is offered at a very special promotional price.