Reiki for Kids

Teaching Reiki to a child is pure joy! They ask the most unexpected questions, they make the most wonderful comments, and they immediately start planning how they will use Reiki for themselves and others - including their pets. Some also want to do Reiki for plants. 

And they love to express an aspect of Reiki through a drawing. This is what an 11-year-old girl drew at the last Reiki for Kids workshop at Terataii. It represents energy passing from one hand to another. 

Since every child is different, and as children come to learn Reiki at different ages, I remain flexible in both the attunements and the teachings. So far, I have done 2 attunements for all the children who have learnt Level 1 Reiki from me, combining the energy and effect of the usual 4 attunements for adults. The feedback has been very good. 

I encourage Reiki practitioners to introduce their children to the wonderful world of Reiki, opening their minds as well as their chakras!

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