Reiki Principles: Why just for today?

In response to my post Reiki – 5 Principles for Daily Living, each of which starts with "Just for today," my friend Ronita asked (on Facebook): What about tomorrow?

Good question. Here are my thoughts on this.

Every day is “today;” tomorrow will also be “today” when it rolls around. So, the idea is that you remind yourself of these principles every morning as you start your day.

Resolving to follow these principles for a day is less daunting than making a life-long commitment, so we are more likely to make the commitment in the first place.

By reminding ourselves of the principles every morning, we are more likely to stay focused on them.

If our implementation of the principles is less than perfect one day, we can still start the next day with a new resolve to implement them as best as we possibly can.

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