Abc Wednesday: M is for Meditation

M stands for magnificent magnolias, the moon, and mermaid, says Sylvia From Over the Hill. I'm joining the latest round of her Abc Wednesdays with my own M's. There are always many links on Sylvia's site, with many different and wonderful interpretations of a specific letter. So do check out Sylvia's own post.

As for me, I say:

M is for meditation.

Meditation of any kind: Vipasana, Shamata, Shunyata, Zen....

And, of course, mantra meditation. M is for mantras such as Om, So hum, Om tat sat, Om shanti, Om mani padme hum, Om namah Shiviaya... And for longer ones like the Gayatri mantra.

M is also for the malas used in meditation.

Each mala has a set number of beads with a symbolic spiritual significance.

One bead is set a little above the rest, with a small hanging made of threads. This lets you know when you have completed one round of the mala.


  1. Interesting M's! Have a great week, Pamposh :).

  2. Meditation is so important - thank you for posting, on behalf of the ABC Team.

  3. Meditation is a good 'M'! The beads look both pretty and useful.