A Tribute to Our Mothers

Mother's Day is just round the corner and the markets are buzzing with suggested gifts. No doubt Mum would like a lovely piece of jewellery, or a beautiful handbag, or an elegant dress... But I have something else in mind for her.

Here are my ideas:

Make a donation to other mothers in the world so they can nourish their own kids - in your Mum's name. Add your Mum's picture to the World Food Programme's "Wall Against Hunger," with a message to Mum.

In a similar vein, help a mother you know personally - give her something for her kids they need but she can't afford; or something she would consider too extravagant but the kids would love to have.

And finally, pay a tribute to your Mum in words or in pictures - or any other creative way you like. If you're a Nettie, you can post it on Facebook or your blog or wherever else your Mum "hangs out." If your Mum doesn't like the Net, you can always print it out for her. Or it can just be a private tribute that never makes it to the Net at all. You could present it to her over a quiet family dinner, or read it out to her (if it's mainly words) formally. Or present it to her along with a card and flowers and let her read it at her leisure.

Read my tribute on my Pamposh Dhar blog, written for International Women's Day in March. It's re-published now for Mother's Day on Tickled by Life. I'm going to print it out and present it to Mum on Sunday.

And here's Mum's picture on that Wall Against Hunger.


  1. These are some wonderful ideas, Pam. Thank you for your caring thoughts and ways. You are a gift to the world. I really like all the ideas and will use them, not just for Mother's Day either.

  2. Wonderful post. Thank you for caring. Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Beautiful tribute for your mother on a very special day! I can't think of a greater gift than this. Any woman would be happy to see that she has done her best in raising the kids. Have a great week and happy mother's day, Pamposh :)

  4. Very lovely ideas! Our moms deserve the best!