Yunus Emre: My life came and went...

My life came and went
like the wind, between the opening
and closing of an eye.
As Truth is my witness
the soul is the body's guest.
A day is going to come when
like a bird, it flies out of the cage. 

-- Yunus Emre, 13th-14th Century Turkish Sufi poet

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  1. Life came and went

    My life came and passed like a tornado, gone
    this is how it feels, within a blink of an eye

    The deal is, these words have known The Truth
    The heartbeat is a fleeting guest to this great body,
    One day, it goes out flying away gone like a bird

    The Mystic sons of Adam likened it to a garden
    Some seeds flourish while others die and nourish

    In this world I yearn for The Objective, I burn deep within my Oz
    For those fearlessly protecting others while tasting death
    The heavens is a garden bearing fruit

    If you see a mystic, if you give just one hand-me-down
    The next day you’ll feel drunk with the vine of The Truth.

    They say, Yunus two will remain at the end feeding on the garden
    All along it’s as if Hidhir Elias was tasting Life (Aqua vitae)