T is for (Quotable) Thursdays

ABC Wednesday and Quotable Thursday

It's T this week on ABC Wednesday over at mrs. nesbitt's - go on over to check out all the entries.

As for me, T is for Thursdays - when I get to host my Quotable Thursdays - so do come back tomorrow and join in with favourites quotations of your own - and read what the rest of us post too.

And, thanks to Tumblewords, I can say that T is also for The Thinker (see picture, left), by Auguste Rodin, the icon I use for Quotable Thursdays. (see comments below)


  1. The Thinker has always been one of my fave statues - nice photo!

  2. T is for Tumblewords! And for thanks! Tumblewords, thanks for reminding me that T also stands for The Thinker (by Auguste Rodin), my chosen icon for Quotable Thursdays!! :)