Language Matters - enlightened or deluded?

Sometime ago, I came across this fabulous phrase: an ego that thinks it’s wearing the Robe of Awakening.

This phrase neatly expresses the dilemma faced by both genuine spiritual seekers and the more shallow spiritual “do-gooders.”

I have come across a few people who believe they are spiritually advanced, but who are rather too attached to that self-image to be truly spiritual. One sign of this attachment is the need to always have the last word on everything, to show the rest of us that they are Wise, that they have all the answers.

Now all I have to figure out is this: am I myself a wise, discerning soul who sees the shallowness of others; or am a judgemental person, judging others from the perspective of my own ego? :)

How do we ever know if we are truly Awake or merely wearing the Robe of Awakening?

I found this wonderfully expressive and thought-provoking phrase on Michael McAlister’s blog Awake in This Life.


  1. Many times, people tend to be very judgemental & I'm also working hard to erase this "mental disease". Nice post.

  2. I think it's very difficult to know. However, the best way is to ask yourself if you are expressing your true feelings or just going along with what you think you should be saying or feeling. Many times people will just go along, but they are not showing true feelings. That is when they appear shallow. True feeling comes across in every action.

    Pam and anyone else who sees this, please visit my blog to see my quote for Quotable Thursday. You didn't have Mister Linky up so I couldn't connect. My quote is from George Elliot and it is also about feelings.:) I'll put my link here:

  3. Hi lionmother, aka Barbara. Tks so much for remembering Quotable Thursday! However, I've just visited your blog and couldn't find the George Elliot quote! I'll try again in a while.
    I have now posted the meme, but this time without Mr. Linky since that seems to be causing some problems.

  4. Not sure if you're doing quotable Thursday this week! Probably not because you're out of town:) I'll roll call next week then:) Cheers Pam!