A Systematic Plan for Change in the New Year

A very happy new year all. I wish you good health, steady personal growth, joy and fun in 2010.

A new year is a time to make resolutions to change ourselves or our environment. Quite appropriately, then, I started the year by moving countries - from the Philippines to Singapore. As I sit in my temporary accommodation in Singapore, my shipment still on its way here, I have the opportunity to ponder how little one really needs in life. A bedroom, a sitting room, a space to cook, some clothes and other personal effects. The rest is all extra. It's fun and can add much joy to life, but it's good to know one doesn't absolutely it.

As for resolutions. How many resolutions have we all made in January, only to see them peter out by March or April? So this year, I've decided to choose just 2 goals and develop 2 change plans to achieve them. Not just airy-fairy wouldn't-that-be-nice kinds of resolutions but systematically planned change. So that I can stay focused on 2 things that are really important to me now and systematically pursue the changes I need to make to achieve them.

I will rely on something I have learned as a counsellor - a plan for change based on a specific, realistic and measureable goal, with defined strategies, identified triggers that lead to unwanted behaviour, little rewards for staying on track, periodic reviews, reminders of what I'm trying to accomplish, etc.

So, what say - wanna join me in making some serious changes in your life? Write in to share your ideas, comments or ask questions about setting smart goals, developing strategies, etc.


  1. Dear Pam, nice piece... short and sweet but made me think. Hadn't made a single resolution this year but will sit down and ponder before making at least three : ) And of course, you will get to hear about them coz even as I write this, I have begun to think of one. It's Reiki, if you've already not guessed it. Will try and practise it regularly and will get back to you for help.

    With lots of love,

    PS: Miss you lots : (

  2. A worthwhile goal if every there was one. :)