Here's to new beginnings in 2011

Here's wishing all my readers a very happy 2011. At the Terataii Centre, we kicked off the year with a wonderful meditation workshop. I could just feel the energies flowing. It was great to teach this class again after several months of the move to Singapore, setting up the centre here, etc.

My students were wonderful, as they invariably are. I always learn from them too. And as I teach, I also reinforce the lessons to myself. This workshop served as a reminder to me of how much peace and joy meditation brings me, and how much fun it is. And how regular practice is more meaningful than sporadic long sessions.

There's so much I want to do this year, much of it starting already, with the meditation class, Reiki healing and counselling sessions. I have still to start my Reiki teaching at the new location in Singapore. On another front, I am working with my sister to put together a memory book for my nephew, who passed 10 years ago this January. Once that is done, I will edit my father's book of a personal view of Indian history since independence in 1947. And sometime this year, I must find time to begin my own first book too.

It promises to be a full year. I look forward to the new beginnings of that "11" in 2011 - building on work already done in teaching and practising Reiki and meditation; continuing the counselling and doing more coaching; and using my experience as a journalist to write and edit books that are more personally meaningful to me.

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