I welcome genuine comments, not spam!

I moderate comments on this blog and do not publish such obvious spam as the following comments, all of which end with a request to visit another blog:
- I really appreciate the information here... pls also visit my blog xxx.
- I like your blog, do you face xxx problem (something technical)... btw, pls visit my blog yyy.
- I appreciate your recommendation. Let me try it. Visit my blog: xxx. (Which recommendation? Meditation? Reiki? Counselling? What?)
etc etc etc

But if I had to give a prize to the weirdest one it would be the one praising the audio features on this blog! Those would be the non-existent audio features, ha ha.

So, please do share your ideas, opinions and genuine comments - even questions, if you have any, but don't make blandly, obviously generic comments followed by a url!!


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