Jaime Licauco - A Scientific Mystic

“The mind knows no limitations aside from those it accepts,” says Jaime Licauco, President and Founder of the Inner Mind Development Institute, Manila. This, in fact, is the motto of the institute he established in 1988.

The 68-year-old Filipino is his country’s foremost authority on inner mind development, paranormal phenomena and Philippine mysticism. He is also the author of a regular newspaper column and of 15 books.

He looks calm yet at the same time feisty – as if he’s ready for anything – and has a great sense of humour. He’s not a man who stands on formality either. “Call me Jimmy,” he said as soon as I was introduced to him.

We talked for a few moments before he began a presentation on Inner Mind Development. That sense of humour was evident the minute he began. “People ask me if I am a psychic,” he laughed. “I say, no, I’m a psycho.” When they ask if he is a mystic, he replies jokingly that he is a “mistake.”

Indeed he is a man who is hard to slot. His books cover topics ranging from Philippine faith healing to karma and reincarnation to intuition and, of course, inner mind development.

He believes the mind has limitless potential, but most of us limit ourselves through our own negative thinking. “Change the mindset – and all things change,” he said. We typically use only 10 per cent of brain capacity, he said. If we understand the brain better, we can use it more powerfully.

It is clear that he’s a man driven by curiosity about things that aren’t easily explained. To satisfy that curiosity, he has tried walking on fire and being hacked by a sword! He survived both and now believes he has found the explanation: anything is possible in an altered state of consciousness.

“Everything begins with the mind,” Jimmy asserted. The frequency of our brain waves can alter our physical reality. “If you slow down the brain waves – without falling asleep – you can do things you cannot normally do.”

Participants in seminars at the Inner Mind Development Institute learn about right brain and left brain activities; and about alpha, beta, theta, and delta brainwaves. In the basic seminar they learn to effectively use both sides of the brain. In the more advanced seminars, they learn how to consciously move between different states of consciousness.

Normally, we are in the beta state, open to our five physical senses. Through meditation, we enter the alpha state, where we are not limited by time and space. If we can slow down the brainwaves even more, we enter the theta stage, where we can control pain, bleeding, burning etc. This is the state in which people undergo bloodless surgery or walk on fire. The deepest state of all is the delta stage, in which we are normally either asleep or unconscious. However, if we can stay awake in this state, we can levitate, or bend objects through mind power, according to Jimmy.

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