Books -- Old Favourites

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – by Deepak Chopra
In one of his best books – perhaps the best – Deepak Chopra explains seven principles taken from India’s ancient Vedic tradition to create a philosophy for good living. Following these principles can bring success in any area of life – career, business, relationships, health, spiritual growth, or any other field.
The principles are ancient, but Chopra has explained them in a modern context that is easy to apply to our lives today. Although easy to understand, they do need to be absorbed and applied to produce effect. In other words, the book does not offer a magic wand to wave over life, but rather teaches us spiritual principles for good living. Among the principles explained: pure potentiality, karma, detachment, and dharma.

Living Buddha, Living Christ – by Thich Nhat Hanh
A beautiful book written by a Vietnamese Buddhist monk to show us that all religious traditions are the common heritage of the human race. On the second page of his book, the author explains to us his view of the world of religion: “To me, religious life is life. I do not see any reason to spend one’s whole life tasting just one kind of fruit. We human beings can be nourished by the best values of many traditions.” In this book, he focuses on Buddhism and Christianity, “two of the world’s beautiful flowers.”

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