Celebrating my 50th

I have enjoyed this life for 50 years. Wow. I decided to celebrate my half-century with those closest to me in a place where I can more easily sense the presence of one who lives within each of us but doesn't always feel that close. So off we went - me, my husband, my parents and my mother-in-law - to the fabulous island of Bali, also known as the island of the Gods. Yes, that one within who seems so close in the natural setting of this amazingly beautiful tropical island, where the people do everything as an offering to God.

We got ourselves a beautiful villa in the midst of rice terraces, banana trees, with a stream beside our home-for-the-moment and hills in the background. The villa had 4 Buddha statues, a Ganesha and two shrines.

The villa also had every luxury one could wish for - natural light, unpolluted air, water, cool breezes, greenery. A beautiful pool for our enjoyment (one could see the Ganesha and a reclining Buddha as one splashed around the pool). Extremely friendly and helpful staff who cooked us delicious meals and anticipated our needs before we did.

For the actual birthday celebration, we had a lovely, lovely Balinese dance performance in the villa. And the company of friends from Jakarta, including one friend we met after 7 years and a couple who interrupted their honeymoon to come celebrate my special birthday with me!

And now, we are celebrating with more family and friends in Singapore. Those who couldn't make it to either Bali or Singapore sent messages of love and good wishes.

I feel so blessed. A 50-year gift from God, the love and good wishes of family members (including cousins and aunts who phoned from India) and scores of friends, both old and new. My "3 parents" - all in their 80s - who made the birthday trip to Bali despite their health problems. My husband, who made all the arrangements and cheerfully looked after the old folk so I could focus on enjoying my celebrations and showered me with gifts and surprises and, and, and....


  1. You are blessed Pamposh! I enjoyed reading this, you are lucky because you are special. Love you, and happy birthday again.

  2. This sounds like a great place for someone to get addiction treatment!!!