A Talk on Meditation, Reiki, and more...

... and a celebration of my father's first birthday after his passing... 1 June 2013

At an event at home, I asked the guests to join us in celebrating my father's life. Some bought copies of his book, Tales of a Journalist, Bureaucrat, Spy.

Also on sale were books by my guru, Vikas Malkani, on meditation and happiness. And free flyers on my own work.

Papa loved life and lived it to the full - even in his last year, with severely restricted mobility, he made the best of what was offered to him. So his birthday felt like an appropriate occasion to celebrate.

I was also happy to talk about meditation on this occasion. Papa taught me my first mantra (the Gayatri) when I was a child.

I introduced Nandini Nagpal, my partner on an upcoming program for teens. She spoke about this program that will teach young people to live with greater awareness. It was a fun intro, as you can see... I don't take life, or myself, too seriously. :)

Then I held forth for a bit about my favourite topics of Meditation and Reiki energy healing, followed by a short introduction of an upcoming program of Bhagavad Gita study. We ended with a short but wonderful group meditation. 

We had a full house, with some people sitting on cushions on the floor (not seen in this picture), others on chairs, and a few standing. After all the talking and the short meditation, we mingled and partied, raising a glass or two to Papa!

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