Meditation for Busy People

Half-Day Workshop
Saturday, May 16 (morning) @ The Terataii Centre, Singapore

For those short on time and high on work and life pressures, the workshop offers:
- easy ways to make important decisions with full focus
- quick ways to release stress and increase calmness
- techniques to get you into an important meeting focused and self-assured
- simple ways to stay calm even in the midst of a stressful situation.

To increase your sense of peace and happiness, you will also learn short meditation practices to do in the morning to set the tone for your day. Another brief practice late in the evening can help you let go of the day and have deep, restful sleep to fully re-charge your batteries. Do as much or as little meditation as you like - go at your own pace.

Cost: SGD 150 per person

Email to register or get more information.

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